"It has been a valuable resource for the whole family. My two children, Miranda 6, and Fernando 4, received scholarships to attend the St. Helena Cooperative Nursery School.  On the surface, it looks like education for children, but it's not like that, it's much more than that, over time I realized that it's a collaboration with teachers and parents committed to fulfilling and guiding the child to become who they want to be.  I learned together with my children and husband that being a better parentis being able to learn from all the child's experiences, and as Co-op parents we were given the tools on how to be better parents in a pleasant and supportive way, which has given us confidence.  We were really interested in the education of our children and being able to support them emotionally and socially.  We are grateful that the preschool experience has helped our kids become who they are and helped us become the parents we are today.  SHPFA has provided us this opportunity and it is something we are tremendously thankful for." 

-Elvia Olivera