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Julio Olguin, our dedicated Executive Director, is a dynamic force in championing early childhood education and community development. Through extensive community outreach efforts, he actively engages with families, participating in workshops, events, and outreach programs that directly impact the lives of those he serves. As a passionate advocate, Julio tirelessly raises awareness for the importance of early childhood education, sharing success stories and testimonials that underscore the positive influence on families. His commitment extends beyond advocacy to building meaningful relationships with families, ensuring their voices are heard and needs addressed. By connecting with the community on a personal level, Julio fosters a collaborative spirit that not only enriches the lives of individuals but also strengthens the fabric of the entire community. 


"Our program has proved to be a vital and valuable resource for the UpValley communities we serve! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to connect and build long lasting relationships with so many families." Julio Olguin

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