The Covid-19 pandemic has become more than just a health crisis, it has had a ripple effect, impacting all of us and the work we do in the community.  As we all respond to this new normal, our organization continues to do its best in supporting our children, families, and preschool partners in these difficult times.

We will continue to work diligently with our board of directors, partners, and community organizations to make the necessary adjustments as we move forward. This experience is like none we have ever gone through as an organization, but we remain focused and determined to continue to provide the early childhood experience, parent education, and opportunities for family activities once we are able to do so.  

We hope you join us in being responsible by continuing social distancing practices and preventative measures moving forward, let's make the extra effort to be empathetic, kind, and patient with one another.

Napa County COVID-19 Resources: